BitTorrent Live to Offer Live Streaming for Up to One Million Peers

  • Bram Cohen, the developer of BitTorrent, has developed BitTorrent Live, a peer-to-peer live-streaming technology that has been modeled to serve a million peers.
  • BitTorrent Live uses the torrent theory and applies it to a live stream. All one needs is an executable file for Windows, Mac or Linux that has been pointed to a site running BitTorrent Live. The result is a low-latency, high-reliability stream that has a 4.5 second delay for up to one million peers.
  • The technology will be rolled out later this year and include an SDK and a website. A freemium model has not been confirmed.
  • “Live streaming is a big challenge that people have been trying to solve,” says Cohen. “We’re hoping that this is a fundamental technology that will change how people use the Internet.”

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