AWS Marketplace: Amazon Launches Business Software Rental Store

  • Amazon Web Services is introducing the AWS Marketplace where customers can rent business software from IBM, Microsoft, SAP and others.
  • Software — to include databases, software developer tools and business applications — can be rented by use, which can extend from hours to months. In addition, there are a number of open source packages such as Drupal and WordPress.
  • Unlike Apple’s App Store or the Android Market, AWS will not likely include thousands of products as their focus is business applications.
  • “Strategically, Amazon is potentially raising the barrier to competition,” reports The New York Times. “Recently companies including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and IBM, among others, have pledged money and talent to developing an open source alternative to Amazon Web Services. These companies, which joined Rackspace, a cloud computing provider, hope to offer computing clouds similar to Amazon’s service, plus their own software.”
  • “If the AWS Marketplace is successful, Amazon will boast a greater range of software choices,” concludes the article. “The presence of IBM in Amazon’s service indicates that some companies are already hedging their bets.”

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