Amazon Intros GenAI Service Bedrock and Its Own Titan LLM

Amazon is offering a new service called Bedrock that offers foundation models from AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Stability AI and Amazon, which is introducing two of its own models under its new brand, Titan. The models, which are accessible via API, will allow customers to build and scale generative AI-based applications using pre-trained, off-the-shelf systems that can be customized. Amazon’s Titan line includes a generative LLM that outputs text, the other is an embeddings LLM that translates text to numeric representations that carry the semantic meaning of the text. Embeddings are typically helpful when bridging concepts, like words and images.’s product search capability uses a similar embeddings model, among others, to help customers find products, the company explains in announcing a new suite of tools and services aimed at helping customers build and scale generative AI-based applications in the cloud using an AWS managed service.

With Bedrock, Amazon says it’s “democratizing access for all builders.” The company also emphasizes “best practices in the responsible use of AI,” noting “Titan FMs are built to detect and remove harmful content in the data, reject inappropriate content in the user input, and filter the models’ outputs that contain inappropriate content (such as hate speech, profanity, and violence).”

“Bedrock is Amazon’s most forceful play yet for the generative AI market, which could be worth close to $110 billion by 2030, according to estimates from Grand View Research,” writes TechCrunch, adding that the platform will focus on “large customers building ‘enterprise-scale’ AI apps, differentiating it from some of the AI model hosting services out there, like Replicate (plus the incumbent rivals Google Cloud and Azure).”

But of course everyone wants the next hot startup. To that end, Amazon also announced that it is launching the AWS Generative AI Accelerator, a globally sourced incubator for new companies that rely on machine learning.

Startups accepted into the AWS GenAI Accelerator will get access to “AI models and tools, customized go-to-market strategies, machine learning stack optimization” and “up to $300,000 in AWS credits to build their products and services on our tech stack,” explains Amazon.

Amazon is also making CodeWhisperer, in release since June, available free to individual developers. The natural language code generator “can autocomplete entire functions in languages like Java, JavaScript and Python based on only a comment or a few keystrokes,” TechCrunch says.

Code generators are in demand. “GitHub’s Copilot had over a million users as of January,” according to TechCrunch, and last month Google teamed with Replit.

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