Will Next Gen Mobile Chips Out-Power Gaming Consoles?

According to Tony Tamasi, senior VP of content and technology for NVIDIA, PS3 and Xbox 360 game consoles hardly contain more power than today’s mobile devices. Tamasi suggests that the next generation of mobile phones will likely out-power such consoles. With that in mind, NVIDIA’s next generation of mobile chips to follow the Tegra 4 model plan to push more polygons than current high-end gaming consoles.

“To be fair, this probably says more about the age of the current HD game consoles than the power of NVIDIA’s upcoming mobile chips,” notes Ars Technica. But even so, “passing the mark set by current HD consoles has implications for the products that will be based on those NVIDIA mobile chips.”

“This level of performance has been the de facto standard for millions of console gamers for years now, and being able to pack that kind of processing power into a cheap, tiny form factor could change the market in some interesting ways,” the article continues.

Imagine when next year’s model of the Ouya or NVIDIA’s Project Shield (pictured) can run 3D games without a real challenge.

“Sure, there’s nothing really new about Moore’s Law packing more computing power into a smaller space at a cheaper price over time,” writes Ars Technica, “but it can still be striking to note just how far we’ve come, and how what was considered high-end just a few years ago will soon be only passable in mobile phone performance.”

“While it is possible for a mobile processor to have this horsepower in the not too distant future, it’s not necessarily the case that we’ll see the technology on mobile phones as, even with all the recent enhancements in power consumption reduction, a chip that runs at circa 200GFLOPs is still going to drain a mobile phone size battery very rapidly,” explains bit-tech.net. “Nonetheless, we could certainly see tablets using the device and of course the next generation of Shield will be powered by such a chip — a prospect that certainly piques our interest.”

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