Will Amazon Launch New Focus on Online-Based Advertising in 2013?

Amazon could possibly throw the online advertising world into a frenzy with its upcoming “proprietary real-time bidding platform that plugs into exchanges and supply-side platforms, including Google’s AdX and PubMatic,” set for a full release in early 2013. “This platform lets the company retarget its users across the Web based on their browsing and purchase habits on Amazon’s owned-and-operated properties,” reports Ad Week. With Amazon’s recommendation engine and database, this could “be a game changer,” according to the article.

“The truth is that they have a singular amount of data that nobody else can touch,” says Jonathan Adams, iCrossing’s U.S. media lead. “Search behavior is not the same as conversion data. These guys have been watching you buy things for… years.”

The system has already begun slowly rolling out, but when it see its full release, it “will introduce a self-serve real-time bidding platform for media buyers, including agency trading desks, which will be able to use the platform to manage their own buys, according to multiple sources with knowledge of Amazon’s plans,” according to Ad Week.

Amazon’s focus has thus far always been on commerce, with advertising secondary, but that could change. “Many media buyers agreed that Amazon has the potential to seismically shift the online advertising market, with Google, Amazon and Facebook replacing Yahoo, AOL and MSN as online advertising’s holy trinity.”

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