Visionaries To Explore the Future of Creative Entertainment

The Envision Symposium, a first of its kind event presented by Live Design and curated by the legendary designer/technologist Bran Ferren with designer Bob Bonniol, convenes “the brightest minds and disruptive thinkers from the worlds of entertainment, gaming and technology” next Thursday through Saturday, September 19-21 in Monterey, California to explore the future of creative entertainment and storytelling.

The conference agenda is a robust mix of both established and cutting-edge creative and technical professionals leading sessions designed to facilitate ideation, inspiration, debate and dialogue among attendees — discussing what’s happening now, and sharing views on what’s next.

The line-up of speakers, presenters and panelists includes Marshall Brickman, William Cusick, Jonathan Deans, Evan Yionoulis, Adam Davis, Anne Militello, Ray Steinman, Bill Schnee, Michael Zyda, Nolan Bushnell, Lesli Rotenberg, Bruce Vaughan, Christopher Janney, Patrice Regnier, Sakchin Bessette, Roger Goodman, Xeni Jardin, Juliette Powell, Ralph Osterhout, and Michael Hawley.

“The Computer Revolution isn’t over,” Bran Ferren told ETCentric, “…we’re just at the dawn.”

Ferren is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Applied Minds LLC, a named inventor on over 300 patents and was the former president of Research & Development and Creative Technology for the Walt Disney Company where he was responsible for advanced technology and innovation projects, company-wide. He suggests that The Computer Revolution — and everything associated with it — is responsible for what he believes this era ultimately will become most known for, what he calls “The Storytelling Revolution.”

The Envision agenda reflects this perspective beginning with Ferren’s keynote, “Storytelling: The World’s Oldest Profession” and continues with such topics as storytelling as a participatory event, the role of technology and design in the future of live theater, what’s next in the music business, storytelling and the future of education, the next big thing in platforms live and electronic, and much more.

“If you are part of the process of inventing the new world of creative entertainment, or curious as to where it is going, you should attend Envision,” says Ferren. “The goal is to come away inspired, excited and prepared to help invent the future.”

For more information, visit the Envision Symposium 2013 site or registration page.