Ultra HD: Samsung to Offer 4K Amazon and Netflix Streaming

Samsung announced that it is partnering with Amazon to offer Ultra HD content. Samsung plans to offer Amazon’s UHD on-demand service in October, in addition to expanding its pre-existing Netflix UHD service in Europe. Samsung, in collaboration with 20th Century Fox and Paramount, converted 40 movies to UHD over the summer to increase the content collection. It should be in the interest of manufacturers to expand 4K offerings in order to spark consumer interest in the new TV sets.

The Japanese company is particularly focused on expanding the 4K presence in Europe. More movie and television content from foreign streaming services such as Germany’s Maxdome, Italy’s Chili, and Wuaki.tv (the UK and Spain), will also be available on Samsung’s UHD TVs in Europe.


“Samsung has dipped its toes into UHD content with the 4K broadcast of World Cup warm-up matches from Portugese broadcaster Meo, and opera from Austria, live-streaming Placido Domingo belting out ‘Nabucco’ through the Vienna Opera App,” reports CNET. “In the next year, 10 more performances are planned in UHD, including a performance of ‘Die Fledermaus’ on New Year’s Eve.”

According to a press release on the Samsung website, the company is working with the Secure Content Storage Association (SCSA) to ensure security on their UHD download service. This service will help distribute some of Hollywood studios’ most popular content, including “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Life of Pi.” Both movies were part of Samsung’s UHD Video Pack, which was preloaded with 40 4K movies.

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