THX Launches Mobile App to Tune-Up Home Theater Systems

THX has released its first mobile iOS app, designed to help consumers properly adjust their home theater set-up, including TVs, projectors and speakers. The $1.99 app uses custom designed video patterns and audio tests to optimize equipment settings and proper connections. The THX tune-up system uses an iPad or iPhone camera to measure colors and users can follow step-by-step instructions via narration and text.

“If you don’t have an AirPlay setup or cables to pipe content from your iDevice to a larger screen, the application also lends a hand when it comes to tweaking color and tint by leveraging a device’s camera and a baked in color filter. As for audio, the app includes a pair of sound tests to make sure speakers are in phase and pump out the right output,” writes Engadget.

“By using the THX tune-up app, sports fans, movie enthusiasts, gamers and even reality show addicts can confirm their TV and sound system are set up correctly. THX tune-up guides consumers simply and easily through picture and sound adjustments to get the best possible entertainment experience from their home system,” said Sandra Benedetto, director of product management, THX. “We also included fun stuff, like links to THX cinema trailers and our signature ‘THX Deep Note’ sound that are bound to evoke envy on a newly ‘tuned-up’ system.”

Video adjustments include aspect ratio, brightness, contrast, color, tint — while audio adjustments include speaker assignment and speaker phase.

“The THX tune-up app is not intended to provide full calibration capabilities,” explains the press release. “For home theater enthusiasts, calibrators or installers that want a higher level of control and ability to fine-tune their system, THX has a THX Calibrator Blu-ray Disc which is given to graduates from any THX Education class, and is also available in limited quantities at industry tradeshows and events in which THX participates.”

THX tune-up promises to work with hardware of any brand. It is currently available on iOS only, but will be available for Android in the Spring.

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