Pegasus Global to Build Entire City in New Mexico for Technology Testing

  • Tech development firm, Pegasus Global Holdings, recently announced its plans to build a “fake” city in New Mexico for the sole purpose of testing green and next-gen technologies.
  • “The Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation” — which will have all the infrastructure of a fully operational city (including water, power and standard roads) — is expected to take up 20 square miles of desert and cost $200 million to build.
  • According to Pegasus Global, the city will offer a one-of-a-kind “opportunity to replicate the real-world challenges of upgrading existing city infrastructure to that of a 21st Century smart city, operating within a green economy.” The company will encourage companies and organizations to “test the benefits and costs of their proposed next-generation innovations and technologies, hardware and software.”
  • “While the specific technologies that will be developed using The Center remain to be seen, Pegasus Global has a few ideas in mind, including the ability to test the true cost of solar implementation, smart grid technology, next-gen wireless networks, Intelligent Transportation System technologies and driverless cars,” reports Digital Trends.