Trends to Watch: CEA Chief Economist Points to Ultra HDTV

Shawn DuBravac, chief economist for the Consumer Electronics Association, delivered his pre-CES press briefing, “2014 CES Trends to Watch.” DuBravac said he “wouldn’t be surprised to see 75 UHDTV announcements” this week, which could climb to about 150, when including hardware rollouts, distribution deals and related news. According to DuBravac, the big picture emerging trends this year will center on mass customization, multidimensional screen expansion, the age of autonomy, and curation and context. Continue reading Trends to Watch: CEA Chief Economist Points to Ultra HDTV

Corporate Shuffle: Meg Whitman Has Big Plans to Turn Things Around at HP

  • Just after taking over the reigns at Hewlett-Packard last week, Meg Whitman spoke with Kara Swisher of All Things D about her initial plans regarding her new role.
  • As HP’s new CEO, Whitman plans to focus on four major issues: meeting Wall Street’s expectations for HP over the next 45 days, integrating HP’s $10 billion acquisition of Autonomy into the company, making a decision whether to keep or spin off the Personal Systems Group (which includes HP’s consumer PC business), and meeting and getting to know HP’s employees.
  • “I took this job, because HP really matters to Silicon Valley, to California, to this country and to the world,” said Whitman. “This is an icon and the place where the initial spark to create Silicon Valley came from and I am resolved to restore it to its rightful place… I have the skills to do that.”
  • Whitman takes over for former CEO Leo Apotheker. According to All Things D, “the troubled tech giant has had a lot of leaders — seven CEOs since 1999.”

Aurasma takes Augmented Reality to the Next Level

London-based Autonomy has created a new technology that turns static images into animated images. The prototype technology, Aurasma is targeted at powering apps for iPhone, Android, and related devices. Early demonstrations illustrate how users can aim a smartphone or tablet PC at an image from a magazine or product and convert those images into animation. Imagine the possibilities of turning a picture from a newspaper into a video — or pointing a device toward a product and launching a game with animated characters.

Aurasma, according to CNET, “is capable of recognizing images and objects and enhancing them not just by replacing them with video but by allowing virtual objects to interact with real ones, such as a cartoon character walking through the door of a real building.” The technology could offer interesting possibilities for advertising applications, providing additional product information, creating virtual tours and much more.

The New York Times reports that Autonomy plans to release Aurasma as a free app as soon as next month. The article also suggests an unnamed movie studio will use the technology for an augmented reality game to accompany a new movie release.

For additional information, CNET has posted a 12-minute podcast interview with Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch. There is also a video demo available on YouTube.