Study Reveals Possible Trend: Are Texters More Honest than Callers?

  • A new study from the American Association for Public Opinion Research suggests people answer more honestly when responding via text rather than verbally. The study included 600 respondents who were asked questions both over text messaging and verbally through phone calls.
  • “We believe people give more precise answers via texting because there’s just not the time pressure in a largely asynchronous mode like text that there is in phone interviews,” explains researcher Fred Conrad.
  • “Besides allowing respondents more time to gather their thoughts, the electronic nature may also insulate both sides of the communication, allowing them to communicate more freely without regard to the immediate impact and consequences of their output,” reports Mobiledia.
  • The article notes that political researchers may want to poll using texts rather than phone calls, as mobile users are more likely to text than call, and would likely contribute more accurate data in this medium as well.
  • One downside to the detached nature of texting is that it increases the chances of bullying, as it provides “enough distance to allow young people to say and do things they wouldn’t consider in face-to-face conversation” explains the article.

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