Sprint Introduces $12 Wireless Plan for Use of Specific Apps

Sprint is in the process of introducing Virgin Mobile Custom, a cheaper wireless plan that allows users to access only specific websites. For $12, subscribers can choose between sole access to either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. For $22, users can have unlimited use of all four. For an extra $5, subscribers can have access to a music app with unlimited streaming. The program is expected to help customers that have less money afford wireless Internet access.

sprint“In the process, however, they are testing the long-held principle that all Internet traffic should be treated equally by creating strong incentives for subscribers to use already dominant services,” explains The Wall Street Journal.

With the new plan, customers do not have to pay for more when they may only use one or two apps on a regular basis. Sprint focused on the four most popular apps for the program.

“This is really just part of a broader effort toward customization,” said Dow Draper, Sprint’s president of prepaid.

Draper also mentioned that other apps may be added to the plan in the future.

The new plan is only available at Walmart and the base offering covers just 20 minutes of talk time and 20 texts,” reports WSJ. “Subscribers can customize the plan by buying up to unlimited talk or text or both, and by choosing among data packages.”

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