Samsung Looks To a Future of Both Hardware and Software

David Eun, executive vice president of Samsung’s Open Innovation Center, took the stage at the D:Dive Into Media conference this week. “Given the media/content focus of the event, the conversation between Eun and host Kara Swisher revolved almost entirely around Samsung’s role in the world of content, production, connectedness and distribution,” writes Engadget. Eun also confirmed that Samsung is opening two new Innovation Centers.

The centers will act as “idea accelerators,” one in the San Francisco Bay Area and one in New York City. “In a way, this is Samsung getting into the funding game, which certainly adds a new twist to an industry that has largely been dominated by angels that aren’t necessarily a part of a major corporation,” writes Engadget.

While Samsung focused on manufacturing hardware in the past, Eun noted that the company now realizes how important it is “to get both hardware and software right,” and Samsung has been “investing quite significantly over the past few years on software.”

The company is focusing on more products that include displays, which Eun believes offer untapped potential. “Once [Samsung] connects these devices, we’ll have one of the largest platforms for distributing apps — maybe even ads — in the world,” he claims. “That is one of our goals.”

Eun touched on the patent battle with Apple, describing it as “a loss” for innovation. “Eun noted that Samsung is making concerted efforts to make its products work together with devices and services outside of Samsung — in other words, it’s unrealistic to assume that each consumer owns a Galaxy Note 10.1, a Galaxy S III and a Samsung HDTV,” explains the article. “As his own pitch internally, he’s toiling to create products that ‘just work,’ regardless of what other products are in the mix.”