Samsung Freestyle Projector Adds Streaming Games and TV

Samsung’s Freestyle Gen 2 with Gaming Hub is a compact smart projector that adds mobility to high-end gaming. Weighing under two pounds, the device turns surfaces from ceilings to tent walls into what’s described as a cinema-quality screen, displaying at resolutions up to full HD (1080×1920) at 30- to 100-inches. The built-in Gaming Hub eliminates the need to tote a separate console and provides access to up to more than 3,000 streaming games. It also runs Tizen OS, offering the advantages of a Samsung Smart TV. The $799 unit ships August 31.

The Samsung Gaming Hub is Freestyle Gen 2’s conduit to streaming games from Xbox, Nvidia GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna, Utomik, Antstream Arcade and Blacknut cloud gaming.

At a Summer Game Fest demo, “Samsung’s Mike Lucero showed off the projector inside a tent, where you could play a high-end game like Halo Infinite’ on the side of the tent wall, ceiling or floor,” VentureBeat reports, adding that the display “automatically adjusts as needed,” optimizing for the surface on which it’s displaying.

Describing the game image as “crisp and fast,” VentureBeat says both the color and lighting are adjustable,” but notes “the room should be dimly lit for the projections to show up well.”

With an Internet connection, the Freestyle Gen 2 can accommodate multiplayer gaming. CNN reports “generally low latency” and says its demo provided a “surprisingly console-quality experience without the need for an actual console.”

Samsung calls the Freestyle outlet independent, noting compatibity with “a personal portable battery” (not included). It ships with the Samsung SolarCell Remote, which charges using a solar panel. The package comes with a cradle stand that users can tilt with a rotation of 180 degrees for floor-to-ceiling viewing. It also has “built-in 360-degree sound that makes for an immersive audio experience,” Samsung explains in a news release.

Portable projector sales are on the rise due to busy lifestyles, Samsung Electronics America SVP Home Entertainment & Display James Fishler says, touting the Freestyle Gen 2 as “one-of-a-kind in the market because it offers instant access to the same streaming entertainment apps that you enjoy on your Samsung TV,” including access to more than 250 live TV channels and a large catalog of on-demand programs through the ad-supported streaming service Samsung TV Plus.

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