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Blackmagic Intros Cinema Camera 6K with Full Frame Sensor

Blackmagic Design’s new Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K is the company’s first with a full-frame sensor. Its 6,048 x 4,032 pixels of native resolution is almost three times the resolution of Super 35, says Blackmagic, which is positioning the $2,595 device as a “large format cinema camera image quality in a portable, lightweight body.” The Cinema 6K abandons the Canon EF mount for L-Mount coupling and greater lens options, and 13 stops of dynamic range with dual native ISO up to 25,600 delivers low noise images in conditions from bright sunlight to “almost no light at all,” according to the company. Read more

DHS Moves to ‘Master’ AI While Keeping It Safe, Trustworthy

The Department of Homeland Security is harnessing artificial intelligence, according to a memo by Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas explaining the department will use AI to keep Americans safe while implementing safeguards to ensure civil rights, privacy rights and the U.S. Constitution are not violated. The DHS appointed Eric Hysen as chief AI officer, moving him into the role from his previous post as CIO. “DHS must master this technology, applying it effectively and building a world class workforce that can reap the benefits of Al, while meeting the threats posed by adversaries that wield Al,” Mayorkas wrote. Read more

Spotify Lets Artists Pay to Get Home Feed Recommendations

Spotify is adding a new tool called Showcase that lets artists promote their work in the app’s homepage feed. Showcase “appears as a mobile banner at the top of Spotify’s Home — the most visited place on Spotify, where millions of listeners come to decide what to listen to, resulting in billions of streams each day,” the streamer says, adding that “people who see a Showcase are 6x more likely to stream the promoted release.” The banners will carry labels indicating a recommendation is sponsored. The company is also launching a marketing tool called Songwriter Promo Cards to assist with discovery. Read more

Adobe Releases Firefly and Intros Contributor Model Training

Adobe Firefly is out of beta and in release, adding generative AI features to the Creative Cloud suite. The upgrade starts this week with Firefly added to Photoshop and Illustrator. “AI-powered innovation” is also being integrated into Premiere Pro and After Effects, the company says. Creative Cloud paid plans now include the Firefly web application, “a playground for exploring AI-assisted creative expression.” The company is also going wide with Adobe GenStudio for enterprises, and is rolling out a bonus program that pays contributors to Adobe Stock, on which Firefly was trained for model training data. Read more

Stability AI Develops ‘Stable Audio’ Generative Text-to-Music

Stability AI is launching Stable Audio, a music generation AI tool that uses latent diffusion to deliver what the company says is high-quality 44.1 kHz music for commercial use. Stable Audio uses a web-based interface to generate music from text prompts and duration. Because its latent diffusion model architecture has been conditioned on text metadata as well as audio file duration and start time, it defeats a problem common to diffusion for generative audio — producing cohesive musical segments as opposed to arbitrary sections of a song that start or end in the middle of a phrase. Read more

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