iPad Not Just for Consumption: New iOS Apps are All About Creativity

  • While the iPad has been considered primarily a consumption tool, the newest wave of apps are creation tools that focus on authoring and artistic endeavors.
  • Snapguide gives anyone the tools to easily make their own how-to guides. According to GigaOM, founder Daniel Raffel has been fielding positive responses: “He’s barely been sleeping, staying up to answer a constant stream of feedback emails about his very slick and good-looking iOS app that helps people easily make do-it-yourself guides to just about anything armed with just an iPhone and an idea.”
  • Additional new apps are appealing to the creative side of mobile users. For example: Paper is a drawing and journaling app, Github shows you how to code, Flickr shows off the pictures you take, and Codea allows you to create iPad apps using its touch-oriented programming language.
  • Codea’s creator, Simeon Nasilowski, comments on the iPad’s potential as a creation tool: “I didn’t understand why people were saying it’s just for consumption. You can run any tools you like on it, you just have to think about it from a different interaction viewpoint — not mouse and keyboard, you just need tools optimized for touch. Then it becomes quite a good creation tool.”

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