Netflix, Doppio Games Create Voice-Controlled ‘3%’ Prequel

Doppio Games and Netflix, teaming up with Rio Games, created multiplayer game “The 3% Challenge,” a prequel to Netflix’s original Brazilian series “3%,” through a partnership to create voice-controlled games and other entertainment. The free-to-play game launched on Amazon Alexa and will appear later this week on Google Assistant, in English and Portuguese. Although Netflix’s core strengths are TV series, feature films and documentaries, it has been moving into games, including “Stranger Things 3: The Game” and “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.”

VentureBeat reports that actress Bianca Comparato (who owns Rio Games) plays the lead character in “3%” and “also lends her voice to the game.”

“With AI changing the landscape of gaming, we are revolutionizing the gaming industry with captivating gaming experiences that can’t be achieved on any other platforms,” said Doppio Games chief executive Jeferson Valadares, whose company is based in Portugal.

“As users seek ways to get the most from their devices, voice control could evolve to outpace touch control, with “The 3% Challenge” leading the way.” It is “one of the first games to launch on Google Assistant using enhanced graphics with Interactive Canvas.” The game also “was developed for Alexa using Amazon’s Skill Flow Builder,” a tool enabling interactive fiction, branching narratives and role-playing games.

VB adds, “’The 3% Challenge’ relies only on voice-control, with several custom-made voice-based challenges that test players’ skills, created specifically for the game based on the series.”

Engadget reports that “The 3% Challenge” takes gamers “into a dystopian future where citizens of the impoverished Inland have a lethal chance to make it to the affluent ‘Offshore’ society’ by taking on skill-based challenges.” Doppio’s previous voice-based games “primarily focused on conversational games about life and love.”