Magic Leap Patent Reveals Possibilities for Augmented Reality

Magic Leap, the startup that raised $542 million in a funding round led by Google, has filed a patent for “cinematic reality,” in which users will get access to the company’s augmented reality tech through a headset and belt pack. Magic Leap’s system stores content in the cloud, and any augmented reality content can be configured to fit in with the user’s physical environment. The patent lists interesting possible uses for the technology, from grocery shopping and home decor to surgery and hospital stays.

For grocery shopping, Magic Leap’s augmented reality could be used for both entertainment and practical purposes. A mother could have access to her grocery list, coupons, and recipe book while she is shopping. A child tagging along could also play games within the store, where items in the physical space could trigger content in augmented reality. For example, a certain cereal box could make a “friendly monster” appear and the child could interact with the monster using gestures.


Another possibility is to use augmented reality to make a hospital stay a better experience. For example, doctors could use the headset to access 3D models of their patients’ organs. “Being able to reference the 3D figure in real time could help improve the accuracy of the doctor’s surgery,” reports Business Insider.

When the surgery is over, the patient could use augmented reality to turn their hospital room into a relaxing beach setting.

Additional uses include making a game out of cutting cucumbers and adorning walls with virtual movie posters. The company also proposed an interactive charm bracelet where users can wear their Facebook and Twitter apps as a fashion accessory.

The patent is very broad, so many of these ideas may never come to fruition, notes The Verge.

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