Hollywood Ups its Security Measures with New Digital Services

In the wake of recent hacking incidents, Hollywood companies have become more concerned about protecting their communication and content. Hollywood is turning to various services from companies such as WatchDox, IntraLinks and Varonis to better monitor the activity involving work files being accessed by employees on their personal mobile phones. Using these new services, companies not only protect their most sensitive files, but also manage how to share them with others. 

hollywood_sign_smallAccording to The New York Times, the digital security technologies “wrap individual files with encryption, passwords and monitoring systems that can track who is doing what with sensitive files.”

In Hollywood, scripts remain among the materials that require special protection. Although probably not as secure today as it once was, watermarking and color coding scripts remains a common practice in Hollywood.

“Letter spacing and minor character names were switched from script to script to pinpoint leakers. Plot endings were left out entirely. The most-coveted scripts are still locked in briefcases and accompanied by bodyguards whose sole job is to ensure they don’t end up in the wrong hands,” NYT reports.

However, crew members starting using personal devices for work-related assignments. Projects could be stored and carried virtually anywhere making them that much more vulnerable and likely to be leaked.

Some of these protective measures are still protocol today. However, ever since the Sony hackings, companies like WatchDox have been seeing renewed interest coming from Hollywood. WatchDox and its competitors offer similar services such as the ability to let customers dictate who to share files with and for how long to make them available, as well as a spotlight feature that protects documents from those that like to read over your shoulder.