French Firm Shows a Robot Stylus That Demos Screen Apps

Key Infuser is demonstrating a cellphone-sized robot stylus called KiOne that can demo touch displays and the apps behind them. The full system includes a robotic arm, a video display screen, and a base containing the hardware and code to drive the demo. The entire unit is the size of a toaster oven and fits comfortably on a counter top. Retailers can use it to continuously demonstrate new products with touchscreen UIs, freeing up staff time for higher value customer service activities. Companies could use the technology to provide on-demand training of touchscreen-based applications to visual learners.

The robotic arm can easily work on a variety of touchscreens, including those on tablets, smartphones, even smartwatches (check out the video online).

The company “develops and sells innovative solutions, with a strong expertise in robotics, embedded computing, connected objects and 3D Printing.”

According to the Key Infuser site, “Customer’s usage statistics on the platform are recorded in the cloud, for the vendor or the distributor to observe their interest in real time: How many times the demonstrator is used, which demonstrations are most popular, timing of affluence, etc.”

The complete system being shown at CES, including programming the demo, costs approximately $3,000.

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