Flickr Upgrade Includes Cloud Storage and Object Recognition

Photo sharing site Flickr is helping users store and organize their photos with new cloud computing and machine learning solutions. The service recently introduced a new automatic photo uploader for mobile and desktop and each user gets 1,000 gigabytes of free cloud storage. Sorting through photos is now easier with the new search function, which relies on machine learning tech to recognize objects, places, and people in photos. The new search engine works because the service automatically adds descriptive tags to uploaded photos.

It can recognize things like animals, sunsets, or people. The search engine also uses metadata like date, location, and orientation to help organize photos. Users can even find specific shots by filtering by style (such as blurry-background photos) or color.


Now, people can search for queries like “last Halloween with my dog and daughter,” according to Wired. It even understands pop culture references so that searching for “dusty hills” will bring up the ZZ Top bassist, instead of landscapes. The search engine is so smart that even the order of the words in the search query affects what photos show up in the results.

Once users find the photos they are looking for, they can then share a bunch of photos with a single link or download the photos all in one batch. The mobile and desktop design are cleaner and more image-heavy. All in all, the new update makes storing, editing, and organizing easier than ever, all of which are becoming more work as people take more pictures on their smartphones.

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