First BitTorrent-Certified Android Set-Top Box Is Launched

Many new gadgets premiered last week, either at CES or coinciding with the big show. Among them, a “sketchy BitTorrent box” claiming to be the first ever BitTorrent-certified Android set-top box, writes Ars Technica. The box makers claim the device makes “it easier to watch torrented files on a TV” by streaming content downloaded through uTorrent and BitTorrent clients on the local network.

“Surf and Download anonymously with free VPN trial,” suggests the BBK BitTorrent Certified Box site. The unit is available for $117 in select European countries.

“The product is from BBK and BOL is their distribution partner,” writes Christian Averill, BitTorrent’s head of communications. “BBK has participated in the BitTorrent Certification program for some time and this is their latest offering.”

“The program has been in place since 2008 and millions of devices have shipped with BitTorrent Certification,” he adds. “BBK is one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers with a focus on China and Russia. BOL is a Europe-based [consumer electronics] distributor.”

Even so, details on these companies are scarce or nonexistent, according to research by Ars Technica.

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