Facebook Adds a Professional Mode to Expand Creator Base

Select Facebook creators in the U.S. will have access to more data and revenue opportunities through the social platform’s new “Professional” mode. Previously exclusive to Facebook Pages, creators can now access audience analytics and, by invite-only for now, earn up to $35,000 per month with qualifying video content through a Reels Play bonus program. For creators who are already using Pages, Facebook is adding a Professional Dashboard to access more insights and productivity tools. The goal is to help creators track shares, reactions and comments to their posts in order to make more informed decisions and grow their audiences.

“The feature is part of Facebook parent Meta’s $1 billion investment in creators that includes bonuses for Instagram influencers and an expansion to the Stars program” that was announced this week by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, reports Engadget. The news comes as social apps such as Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube are ramping up efforts to attract top creators.

“Facebook is also testing a two-step composer on Pages. which allows creators to schedule posts and cross-post into a group,” explains TechCrunch. “Meta is heavily investing in its creator user base, as it sees the potential in a new revenue stream that comes from things like creator subscriptions and virtual tips.”

“There’s a caveat that, not surprisingly, involves privacy,” notes Engadget. “Once you turn on Professional mode, ‘anyone can follow you and see your public content in their feed,’ Facebook said. However, you’ll still be able to limit specific posts or updates to friends only.”

Meta has created bonus programs to help creators earn income “based on performance, earnings or content challenges that reward you when you reach key milestones and achievements.” In the future, Reels will be adding more features, including the ability to create 60-second videos, save drafts, and build compositions from clips.

Yesterday, Meta also announced several Facebook Live updates, including new features such as Polls, the option of four-person co-broadcasting, new commenting features, and the ability to add links to broadcasts.

According to TechCrunch, the most requested new feature is Featured Links: “This will allow creators to add website links to their live broadcasts which can be used to point fans to things like personal blogs, donation opportunities, shopping sites and more. Creators will be able to add multiple links to a broadcast that viewers can visit without leaving the live video, the company notes.”

Facebook’s New Website Lets Fans Buy ‘Stars’ without Paying the App Stores’ Commissions, TechCrunch, 12/7/21

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