E-Book Subscription Service Scribd Now Includes Comic Books

Scribd customers now have unlimited access to some of the biggest names in comic books. The startup added comic books and graphic novels to its catalog of e-books and audiobooks that subscribers pay to access for $8.99 per month. Scribd currently has more than 100 million subscribers worldwide and over one million e-books, audiobooks and comic books. Marvel, Archie and Valiant are just a few of the comic book publishers that have signed on to offer their titles via Scribd.

“We’re really tailoring our service to die-hard voracious readers, and we’re servicing publishers to bring them this audience that we have,” Julie Haddon, Scribd VP of editorial and marketing, said in Wired. Scribd added more than 10,000 comic books, from Spider-Man to My Little Pony, to its subscription service.


Subscribers can access these comic books from the app for mobile devices and tablets. Scribd updated their app so that it now has a “binge button.” This button allows readers to move to the next comic in a series. The app also gives background information on major comic characters as readers browse the titles.

Scribd’s comics integration is just another example of how the subscription model is taking over the way that people consume media. First, there was Netflix, a subscription for movies and television shows. Now, there are many different versions of that same model, from music streaming services like Spotify to “Netflix for Books” like Scribd.

Other companies that run a similar operation to Scribd include Oyster and Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. Both of those services charge $9.99 per month for access to thousands of books.