DJI Introduces Two New Phantom Drones Featuring 4K Cameras

DJI recently announced the addition of two new drones to its collection — the Phantom 3 Professional and the Phantom 3 Advanced — both of which are expected to launch in upcoming weeks. Unlike previous models of the Phantom, the Professional and Advanced versions come equipped with a 4K (30fps)/12-megapixel and 1080p (up to 60fps)/12-megapixel camera, respectively. In addition to the cameras, both models have improved Wi-Fi features, an indoor sensor and auto-take off and landing.  

The new Phantoms’ aesthetics, on both “3” models, are no different than its predecessor, the Phantom Vision. According to Engadget, the new features include an indoor sensor for improved interior shooting as well auto-take off and landing capabilities to help rookie pilots.


Like the previous Phantom Vision model, the Phantom 3 connects to the Internet via a remote control.

The Vision models introduced a feature that sent a low-quality live feed from the camera to your phone (known as first-person view, or FPV) that needed an ugly Wi-Fi booster bolted onto the controller,” Endadget notes. That “ugly Wi-Fi booster” has since been removed and streaming live 720 HD footage from the Internet requires no more than a simple USB plugin from your phone to the controller. 

When connected to the Internet, users can live stream footage being recorded on the Phantom directly onto YouTube.

The Phantom 3’s new camera, “now has a 94-degree fixed field-of-view… [and] there are settings for ISO, exposure, shutter speed and color filters, plus the camera can be titled through 120 degrees of pitch to further up your cinematic/Spielberg game,” Engadget explains.

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