DARPA Developing 100Gbps Wireless Technology with 120-Mile Range

DARPA hopes to improve U.S. military wireless speeds by a factor of 500. The 100 Gb/s RF Backbone project plans to transmit wireless communications at 100 gigabits per second over a 200 kilometer range, writes ExtremeTech. Home wireless networks usually peak at about 100Mbps, so transmitting 100Gbps over 200 kilometers will be extremely difficult, notes the article.

While the DARPA program is intended for military use, ExtremeTech speculates the technology could migrate to commercial uses if proven successful. The technology could theoretically help improve cell coverage and help to eliminate “costly and cumbersome fiber links.” The technology could also help to improve coverage in hard to reach or rural areas.

“Likewise, 100Gbps wireless links might be the ideal way to provide backhaul links to rural communities that are still stuck with dial-up Internet access, or additional backbone bandwidth during peak periods,” explains the article. “One day, you might even have a 100Gbps wireless link from your home to your ISP.”

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