CES: Fittingbox Demonstrates Unexpectedly Useful AR App

Sometimes you see a product idea that is so obvious you wonder why no one created it sooner. French company Fittingbox has developed an augmented reality app and a 3D model database that lets you try on new frames for eyewear without taking off your old glasses, so you can actually see what you look like as you try them on. Diminished reality is a subset of augmented reality focused on removing, rather than adding, elements of what you see and hear. The Fittingbox app uses the selfie camera on a smartphone to scan the face of the customer. It then recognizes and removes the wearer’s glasses from the 3D modeled image.

Fittingbox has over 120,000 digital frames to try on in the world’s largest 3D frames and photo database. The customer selects frames to try on, and each frame is projected onto the selfie image. Accurate tracking and sizing are guaranteed for an enjoyable customer experience.

Simply open the app, point the selfie camera at your face, and raise and lower the screen to flip between different frames. Find one you like and Fittingbox is happy to sell it to you.

“Our mission has always been to develop more immersive solutions through technology,” said Fittingbox CEO and co-founder Benjamin Hakoun. “We have generated more than 95 million virtual try-ons in 2021.”

“Diminished reality could be applied in other ways, as well,” notes TechRadar. “Highlighting the person you’re meeting in a crowd via a big arrow overhead (and maybe their latest Tweet) is a common trope of augmented reality. Imagine instead if the rest of the crowd were turned down a bit — blurred out or removed altogether, to ensure you don’t miss your date.”

Fittingbox is demonstrating its product during CES this week in Eureka Park at the Venetian Resort, booth #60414.

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