BitTorrent Launches SoShare App for Sharing Media Files

SoShare is a new tool from BitTorrent designed for sending large files from person to person, allowing users to send bundles of up to 1TB for free. The app combines BitTorrent file transfer technology with cloud caching, so users can access files even when the sender is offline. The SoShare software — which targets media creators such as musicians, photographers and filmmakers — keeps files available for up to 30 days.

Users must install a plugin in order to upload or download, but registration is not mandatory in order to access shared files.

BitTorrent originally tested the service under the name Share, when the company “discovered that photographers, videographers and musicians were most in need for this kind of service,” writes GigaOM.

“No one is designing media delivery for the media industry. We saw an opportunity to build a reliable solution for this user group,” said Catherine Meek, director of product management at BitTorrent. “There are 3.34 million Americans employed in creative industries. They work in large file formats — photo, audio, film. And their work is dependent on being able to send and deliver these large file formats to collaborators and clients. Right now, doing so is costly and difficult.”

SoShare is available for free during its public beta, but the company may be looking for ways to monetize the service in the future.

The service could compete with the likes of YouSendIt and Dropbox. “SoShare is one of a number of new products developed by BitTorrent as parts of its BitTorrent Labs effort,” notes the post. “Just last month, BitTorrent announced a new file syncing app that competes with traditional syncing services like Dropbox and Sugarsync.”