ASCAP and BMI Launch New Music Copyright Data Platform

ASCAP and BMI, the top two U.S. performing rights organizations (PROs), partnered to create Songview, a data platform with 20+ million musical works. The effort zeroed in on solving a continuing problem in the music rights industry: the need for a more transparent view of copyright ownership and administration shares for songs and other music compositions licensed in the United States. Vetted by both PROs, each work features a green checkmark to indicate the data is consistent in both ASCAP and BMI copyright systems.

Variety reports that, on both PROs websites, the public will be able to freely access “information relating to songwriters and their affiliations, publishers, performers, alternate song titles, ISWC and IPI codes, BMI and ASCAP song IDs (if applicable) and publisher contact information.”

The platform will break down shares between ASCAP and BMI, with “Other” representing shares by SESAC and Global Music Rights. “This project is all about providing greater transparency for everyone who relies on this copyright data to guide important business decisions,” said ASCAP chief executive Elizabeth Matthews. “Drawing upon our 185 years of combined ASCAP and BMI expertise in managing complex and dynamic copyright data, we have built a convenient new digital tool for anyone who licenses music.”

Matthews added that this is only “the first iteration” of Songview, which the two PROs are “committed” to enhance over time. “When two companies that are fierce competitors come together on a project this ambitious to address a need identified by the marketplace, it says a lot about how important greater data transparency is to both of our organizations,” said BMI president and chief executive Mike O’Neill. Prior to Songview, “those seeking clarity on PRO affiliation or share splits would have to search each organization’s repertoire separately.”

Radio Ink reports O’Neill added that, “today’s launch is a good first step in the ongoing evolution of transparent and accessible data, and I am pleased with what we have accomplished so far to meet the evolving needs of the music industry.” “I look forward to continuing to expand on the possibilities of Songview in the future,” he said.

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