Apple Responds to Pros by Making Final Cut 7 Available (For Now)

  • In response to the public outcry from video enthusiasts and professional editors regarding the reported feature limitations of FCP X, Apple announced it has reintroduced Final Cut 7.
  • However, it will only be available through Apple telesales and at the original $1,000 price (the newer version costs $300, plus $50 each to add Compressor and Motion). According to the New York Times, the deal is for a limited and unspecified time.
  • The article suggests one drawback: “…it is impossible to import work from Final Cut 7 to Final Cut X. That means partially finished Final Cut 7 projects must be completed in 7. That also means many pro editors will have to keep both products on their computers for some time to come.”
  • The move is reportedly meant to appease producers who are in the process of assembling a film. “For the rest of us, especially the video dabblers, it makes more sense to get used to Final Cut Pro X, which more than serves most amateur needs,” suggests the article.