Adobe Pursues Ethical, Responsible AI in the Creative Space

As a next step in its advances in ethical AI, Adobe has announced its Firefly generative AI platform now supports text prompts in more than 100 international languages. The company says its Firefly AI app has generated over one billion images in Firefly and Photoshop since implementation in March. Adobe has also deployed artificial intelligence in Express, Illustrator and the Creative Cloud. Positioning its latest news as an expansion of global proportions, Adobe’s generative AI products will now support text prompts in native dialects in the standalone Firefly web service, with localization coming to more than 20 additional languages.

Localized versions are available for languages including Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Adobe says the move will broaden Firefly’s reach “to millions of new users — spanning all experience levels – empowering them to confidently generate content that is designed to be safe for commercial use.”

If instant, nuanced global translation is something that’s broadly rolling out now (thanks to AI), it’s a significant Web3 moment.

Tom’s Guide reports 20 more localizations are coming soon. Coding in English, however, remains the dominant generative AI language, and a common language for scientific and technological use definitely has practical advantages. But language as a barrier to entry in developing regions trying to level a fast track to the 21st century is inequitable.

Adobe proclaims itself a builder of “responsible AI.” Along those lines, Tom’s reports the company is “working toward a universal ‘Do Not Train’ tag” to travel with associated content wherever it’s stored or published as a caveat to modeling. “Making Firefly more inclusive is another step in the ethical AI direction.”

Tom’s notes that “the first Firefly model was trained on Adobe Stock images, openly licensed content and public domain content, where copyright has expired.”

“Users have already generated over one billion assets on the Firefly website and in Photoshop, making these two of Adobe’s most successful beta releases in the company’s history,” Adobe touted in a news announcement.

Adobe says it has been “purposefully” developing AI over the past decade (and then some). Last month, the company acted to accelerate AI ops in a global consulting deal with IBM.

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